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Whether you want a short taster or time to develop, our skills sessions allow you to develop with practical hands on activities

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Food is a really important part of our meetings

If you can cook for yourself then you can cook for two, if you can cook for two then before you know it you’ll be cooking for the whole unit


Cooking is always on the programme

Don't wait to be told, just turn up with your ingredients pull out a stove and off you go.


Cook Like a Scout!

We specialize in using camp cooking gear, it's challenging, it's basic but amazing things can be produced

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Traditional Skills

Axe and Saw

Whether it’s splitting firewood or preparing timber for green woodworking you’ll learn to use axes, saws, or even the splitting wedges.


Pioneering is the traditional Scout skill of building structures from wooden poles and rope; No nails allowed!

Lamps and Stoves

Large parts of the developing world still cook with kerosene, can you safely maintain and light a stove or lamp?


Herefordshire is a world renowned centre for this traditonal craft, with our own forge you can give it a go, who knows where it could lead.

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Practical Skills


We always have a mechanical project on the go, here Cody is working on a 1947 Ferguson TE 20 Tractor


Practical, hands on, woodwork from go-karts to small buildings

Outdoor Maintenance

Using hand tools and power tools, we provide oppotunites many young people would not get at home